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History and Government Form 2 Opener Term 1 Examination 2019

Class: Form 2

Subject: History and Government

Level: High School

Exam Category: Form 2 Opener Exams

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Exam Summary

History and Government Form 2 Opener Term 1 Examination 2019
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Answer all the questions in this section
1. Give two functions of the council of elders among the Akamba during the pre – colonial period. (2mks)
2. What factor made the cushites migrate into Kenya during the pre – colonial period? (1mks)
3. List two economic activities of early man during the Stone Age period (2mks)
4. State two main reason why the Omani rules were interested in establishing their control over the Kenyan coast (2mks)
5. Identify two factors which encouraged the spread of Islam in Kenya by 1500 (2mks)
6. Identify two factors which favoured the development of crop growing in ancient Egypt (2mks)
7. State the main reason why early visitors from Arabia came to the Kenyan coast before 1500 (1mk)
8. How does the Kenya government ensure that the rule of a law is upheld in the country? (2mks)
9. State two ways in which the Agrarian revolution contributed to rural-urban migration in Europe. (2mks)
10. Give one economic reasons why the cushites migrated from their original homeland Kenya. (1mk)
11. State two objectives of education offered by Christian missionaries in Kenya during the colonial period. (2mks)
12. State one way in which the Kenya constitution promotes national unity. (1mk)


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