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English Form 2 End of Term 3 Examination 2019

Class: Form 2

Subject: English

Level: High School

Exam Category: Form 2 End Term 3 Exams

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Exam Summary

English Form 2 End of Term 3 Examination 2019
This file contains questions and the Marking scheme in it. Below is a preview of the questions

Comedies 1. ___________________ celebrate life. They are typically joyous and festive and 2. ___________________ on a happy note, a celebration. For example, William Shakespeare’s ‘The Merchant of Venice’ ends 3.________________ a marriage.

The endings of comedies are not 4. _____________________ happy for all the characters in the play. In The Merchant of Venice, 5 ________________ example, things work6. _______________ for all the characters except Shylock. At the end of the play Antonio is rescued 7.______________________ imminent death and learns that not all his fortune had got lost on the high seas; Bassanio and Portia, Gratiano and Nerrissa, Jossica and Lorenzo begin 8. _____________________ marriages. Shylock not only 9. ___________ to give up his estate to his Christian persecutors, but is 10. ____________ stripped of his religion.

2. ORAL SKILLS.(15mks)
a) Pick the odd word out using the underlined letter(s). (5mks)
1. sugar sure pleasure
2. chore arch charisma
3. think than thought
4. phase plight fame
5. gas germinate grace
b) For each of the words below write another that is pronounced the same way but is spelt differently and has a different meaning. (5mks)

i) Bare -
ii) Stick -
iii) Threw -
iv) Forward -
v) To–

c) Against each of the following sentences, indicate whether you would end with a rising or falling intonation.(5mks)
i) You actually saw the pyramids?
ii) My younger sister has identical twins.
iii) Why did you oversleep?
iv) Could I come with you, please?
v) What a tragic experience that was!


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