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History and Government Paper 2 Form 3 End of Term 2 Examination 2019

Class: Form 3

Subject: History and Government

Level: High School

Exam Category: Form 3 End Term 2 Exams

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Exam Summary

History and Government Paper 2 Form 3 End of Term 2 Examination 2019
This file contains questions and the Marking scheme in it. Below is a preview of the questions

SECTION A (25 Marks)
Answer all the questions in this section in the answer booklet provided
1. Identify two aspects of the culture of the early man that had their origins in the late Stone Age. (2mks)
2. Identify two factors which favoured the development of crop growing in ancient Egypt. (2mks)
3. Give one way in which poor transport network hinders industrialization in the Third World countries. (1mk)
4. Identify two scientific discoveries during the nineteenth century which contributed to food preservation (2mks)
5. State two inventions during the eighteenth century which improved textile industry in Britain (2mks)
6. State the role played by the Tuaregs in the Trans- Saharan trade (1mk)
7. Give two reasons why coal was used as the main source of industrial power in Britain during the industrial Revolution (2mks)
8. State tow ways in which poor transport systems have contributed to food shortages in Africa. (2mks)


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